About Us

The Wanderribby property was purchased by the Gunner family in 1990 and 5 years later a samll feedlot was developed to finish home herd cattle.

Within s short period of time, having seen our results, local abattoirs, cattlemen and livestock agents began delivering cattle to our feedlot and a custom feeding operation began.

The family is vertically integrated from the Stoney Point Performance Angus Stud to a wholesale meat operation Richard Gunner Fine Meats (RGFM) which owns the Feast Fine Foods retail chain as well as the famous Coorong Angus Beef (AB) brand which is multi award winner.

We are cattlemen and understand the biological processes that delivers superior performance in a feedlot - it is our livelihood.

We have built our business on transparency and trust.

We are uncompromising in our integrity.