Entry & Access / Biosecurity & Trucking Protocols

(to be applied unless otherwise agreed) OF THE WANDERRIBBY FEEDLOT

(to be read in conjunction with the terms & conditions)

Princes Highway, Meningie 5264


  1.  A minimum of 7 business days notice in writing of an intention to enter and access livestock from the Wanderribby feedlot must be given by the Livestock Owner. The details of the livestock to be accessed and proposed date(s) must be provided. All Livestock Carriers proposed to truck the Livestock Owner's livestock must be nominated. All Livestock Carriers are to be TruckSafe accredited.
  2. All curfews must be observed and no livestock will be loaded in adverse weather conditions or if they are sick, injured, weak or in any way unfit to be trucked.
  3. A log of the last 30 days movement of each vehicle must be supplied along with a vehicle contamination cleaning record for that period. All vehicles may be subject to inspection.
  4. All livestock must be loaded to approved densities.
  5. All paperwork must be properly completed before loading, including proof of right to load the cattle including that the Owner has title to the livestock or is otherwise entitled to deal with livestock.
  6. The truck driver must observe all directions from the Wanderribby feedlot manager or their delegate.
  7. Only Wanderribby feedlot staff are permitted to operate feedlot equipment.
  8. The Livestock Owner in seeking entry and access to Wanderribby feedlot agrees to pay all outstanding feedlot charges (billed and unbilled) and any costs (including damages) incurred in exiting their cattle. These amounts must be paid as cleared funds prior to loading the livestock.
  9. For the purposes of this protocol, "Livestock Owner" includes a lessee of the livestock.
  10. The Livestock Owner in entering Wanderribby feedlot and accessing the livestock agrees to indemnify Wanderribby against any expense, loss or liability incurred by Wanderribby.
  11. Wanderribby reserves the right to in its discretion consent to grant entry and access and may at any time withdraw its consent (even on the agreed entry day).

February 2019