The Feedlot

Wanderribby Feedlot achieves performance (weight gains and MSA grading) well above industry standards. It does so by:

  • Careful attention to animal husbandry and welfare
  • Feeding rations scientifically developed
  • Managing bunks to ensure superior performance
  • Mild maritime climatic conditions
  • Sourcing of quality grain
  • Very low levels of sickness and mortality
  • Selecting the right genetic and conformation traits


Cattle performance is closely monitored and recorded for each animal, reporting weight, induction, feeding program, health management, costing, and carcasses, to ensure the feedlot’s performance is constantly improved.

Wanderribby has the experience and knowledge to custom feed from domestic to mid fed cattle and along with it Accreditations with Aus Meat, EU, CAAB, MSA, Nutritional support of Nutrition Service and Associates and Animal Welfare and Veterinary advise from Southern Cross Feedlot Services we can provide clients many sale options.

Wanderribby feeds cattle for Richard Gunner Fine Meats and is always buying Angus Steers and Heifers for the Coorong Angus Beef Brand.

Grid Prices are available on enquiry.

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